kevin parade
kevin parade Pred 22 urami
Wadzee the bees dont attack you because you one hit them if you'd punch them with your fists they would (you can also do this with pigman and an smite 4/5 netherite axe)
Radioactive Pred 22 urami
Maybe a Flower or Witch Farm ?
hong lam nguyen
hong lam nguyen Pred 22 urami
Deez i rich
the grady bros
the grady bros Pred 22 urami
wadzee's bee farm was too successful
Earl Aldrich Mamaril
Earl Aldrich Mamaril Pred 22 urami
2:55 Actually its not bugged if you killed it in 1 hit they wont be angry if the first hit doesn't kill the bee they will start to be angry.
Leboyd Games
Leboyd Games Pred 22 urami
Hi wadzee I’ve wateched ever one of your inter series you are my absolute FAVOURITE SLusR! you are my hero and I would love to get a shout out if that’s ok :) I want to be like you and I’ve just started you are my fav SLusr so please thanks soo much !! ❤️💜🧡🖤💛🤍💚🤎💙😃😀
Simeon Lazarov
Simeon Lazarov Pred 22 urami
I am amazed how many things u did in this hardcore world at this point if u die will be the saddest thing in gaming history 😢
Jo_miner08 Pred 23 urami
Seth Pred 23 urami
If anyone is wondering about the bees not attacking him when he attacks them, it's the same thing that happens with wolves, dolphins I believe, and zombie Pigman, killing them in one hit will not trigger the other mobs
rajni khandelwal
rajni khandelwal Pred 23 urami
your world download link pls
Milan jude Dominic
Milan jude Dominic Pred 23 urami
As you have all these awesome builds why not make a better house for yourself cos the house is super small compared to the hugebuilds why not a huge castle for yourself
Shpend Begu
Shpend Begu Pred 23 urami
u should make an enderdragon farm if u can make one
Ubai Ambiah
Ubai Ambiah Pred 23 urami
Ah Yes WadZee didnt add water checkpoint now lol
steveplayz569 Pred 23 urami
bro next time build a raid farm if u haven't build it yet
Saiyansh boomer crafts
Saiyansh boomer crafts Pred 23 urami
Make a sand farm so that you don't have to break your arm or wrist collecting it🙃😵😅
MrKristijan Pred 23 urami
2:44 bees don't attack you if you one shot them, same goes for other mobs like that
Kalsom Ishak
Kalsom Ishak Pred 23 urami
Next enderdragon farm
Darcy King
Darcy King Pred 23 urami
Wadzee more like godzee
Vitus Kobberbøl
Vitus Kobberbøl Pred 23 urami
nice with a quike extremly good vido
Aldred marl Halog
Aldred marl Halog Pred 23 urami
Ender dragon
nyctrium Pred 23 urami
Wadzee ik the vids take a while but please could u try upload quicker coz I miss watching ur videos
TITAN GAMERYT Pred 23 urami
Wadzee please make an mansion made of dirt it will be epicccc
ƝᓮᗩƝᗪᖇᗩ しᗩↁᕮ⟆
ƝᓮᗩƝᗪᖇᗩ しᗩↁᕮ⟆ Pred 23 urami
Cant wait for you to become the next Philza lol jk
Jaya Surlakar
Jaya Surlakar Pred 23 urami
Wadzee u r so op
Killian McIntyre
Killian McIntyre Pred 23 urami
You need an obsidian farm
silentcamper2468 Pred 23 urami
Tweva Pred 23 urami
You really missed a chance to play the song 'Dirty Paws' when you went to war with the bees
leon rewi
leon rewi Pred 23 urami
he didnt add another 100 melons!!
The_Blade9090 Pred 23 urami
they were not mad coz u killed those bees in one shot , mob anger only work when some the mob is simply hit , and direct kill doesnt effect those mobs :)
That Media Nerd
That Media Nerd Pred 23 urami
Number 5 on Trending in the UK 😍
Cucuteanu Alexandru-Ciprian
Cucuteanu Alexandru-Ciprian Pred 23 urami
I think you must construct an infrastructure betwen those buildings
x x
x x Pred 23 urami
now make 1000 beacons, and make it look secksy
RDX GHOST GAMERZ Pred 23 urami
i Love your builds
RDX GHOST GAMERZ Pred 23 urami
fav video till now
2O1O4OO4_Cokorda Agung Putra Raditya
2O1O4OO4_Cokorda Agung Putra Raditya Pred 23 urami
Make a giant shulker statue with the shulker box
Hayden Tombs
Hayden Tombs Pred 23 urami
Ghast Farm
Literally H
Literally H Pred 23 urami
el ƘƖƝƓ Ģaming
el ƘƖƝƓ Ģaming Pred 23 urami
don't say its easy.😡
Rishi Bhaskar
Rishi Bhaskar Pred 23 urami
You could make a music disc farm
FARHAN BUTT Pred 23 urami
He has 10,600 melons in his melon farm Not excatly sure if its 10,600 melons
Aum Sai
Aum Sai Pred 23 urami
if u 1 hit a zombie piglin or a bee they dont get mad at u
Noah Y
Noah Y Pred 23 urami
You shouldve done a giant iron golem instead of a tree
Nisha Patel
Nisha Patel Pred 23 urami
U can make a 10 creeper farm at one place
PizzaNat Pred 23 urami
When I post this it’s No.5 on trending
Kitchen Paradise
Kitchen Paradise Pred 23 urami
you have to make diamond farm
xaki Pred 23 urami
0:20 wadzee: noone needs a sugarcane farm this big Hypixel skyblock players: are u sure about that
Wayne Holdcroft
Wayne Holdcroft Pred 23 urami
Keep it up 👍 it’s really good
Agnes Smid
Agnes Smid Pred 23 urami
Raven Orbin
Raven Orbin Pred 23 urami
Sand Farm
Akhilesh Pred 23 urami
Akiruhoney Pred 23 urami
jacky Pred 23 urami
Wadzee you can hit bee's and zombiepiglin one hit so the other will not bi angry
elbek uktamov
elbek uktamov Pred 23 urami
DO MORE VIDIOES ABOUT BUILDING YOU CAN MAKE A 64lengthx200height watermelon tower with a Diamond/emerald full beacon on top
Xero Xurection
Xero Xurection Pred 23 urami
Hey Wadzee, Just to point it out bees does NOT anger when you one hit kill a bee.
Omega man
Omega man Pred 23 urami
3:03 the bees didn’t attack u cause ur one shoting them
Saahil Kumar
Saahil Kumar Pred 23 urami
You have insanely better patient
#TROLLEX GAMING_PH Pred 23 urami
Wow!! Your so good of building structure 👍👍
Lawrence Zhu
Lawrence Zhu Pred 23 urami
Berro Two
Berro Two Pred 23 urami
Wadzee: That’s a lot of bees, that might be a problem. Me: No no, it might bee a problem.
kavya constructions
kavya constructions Pred 23 urami
Every time I watch NotNotBrock I always wonder when Wadzee would build the shulker farm
Rasmus Hansen
Rasmus Hansen Pred 23 urami
Marcel Sturm
Marcel Sturm Pred 23 urami
Your the best
Cubit Gamer
Cubit Gamer Pred 23 urami
You have planted 10,600 mealon
noice Pred 23 urami
build a mob switch in your world slus.info/name/video/j6God3SkpoOWpNQ.html <--- link of tutorial
Gamer Chazam
Gamer Chazam Pred 23 urami
wadzee if u reach 4M, play minecraft server (a server have alot people like smp but more things)
HappyPrimate773 Pred 23 urami
Did you really think someone would be watching this and not know what servers are?
Davin Productions
Davin Productions Pred 23 urami
"And now it begins the war. The war between me, and the b e e s."
tijs delalieux
tijs delalieux Pred 23 urami
making a giant shulkerbox out of shulkerboxes
NASHER 734 Pred 23 urami
How many Minecraft days have you even in this world for?
RIKO Pred 23 urami
Good name is cookie
BURCEA STEFAN Pred 23 urami
Mercer Menace
Mercer Menace Pred 23 urami
If you’re looking for more things to build Wadzee, maybe you could make things from different games like terraria or Mario. Another suggestion is asking all other subscribers of your channel what they want built. Loving your videos Wadzee!
Blythe Sapla
Blythe Sapla Pred 23 urami
Hey wadzee maybe let someone go in your world like your girlfriend and is Halloween 🎃 so maybe make a Halloween build
the gamer
the gamer Pred 23 urami
Old wadzee i want him back
Duck Media
Duck Media Pred 23 urami
Skyler Miller
Skyler Miller Pred 23 urami
Build a wither in your nether
Gavryll L. Tiongco
Gavryll L. Tiongco Pred 23 urami
There are at least 10 600 melons in Wadzee's melon farm lol
Soul Killer2626
Soul Killer2626 Pred 23 urami
this is not my first time whatching him
RaphaelBird Pred 23 urami
What does the timer mean on the time lapse's?? AM I DUMB?
Soul Killer2626
Soul Killer2626 Pred 23 urami