I Built a Giant FLOATING ISLAND in Minecraft Hardcore! (#32)

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Today I Built a Floating Island in Minecraft Survival! If you want to find out how to build a floating island in Minecraft make sure to watch this video, where I'll be building a GIANT FLOATING ISLAND in my hardcore minecraft world! This is episode 32 of my Hardcore Minecraft series, if you enjoyed this video and you've got some giant building ideas for the future make sure to leave a comment down below of what I should build next!

Watch the Series from Episode 1:
www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7z9M ...

(Episode 31)
Transforming the End into the Overworld in Minecraft Hardcore

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WadZee Pred 9 meseci
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Gaming Wolf
Gaming Wolf Pred 8 dnevi
Its actually true
𝕊𝕠𝕗𝕚 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕕𝕠𝕟𝕦𝕥
𝕊𝕠𝕗𝕚 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝕕𝕠𝕟𝕦𝕥 Pred 2 meseci
Wah wah army forever and ever! Love your videos wadZee
Soaryn Tiger
Soaryn Tiger Pred 2 meseci
What happened to the shout-out machine
Arwa's Pred 2 meseci
Oh I will have a BLOODY good day ;) (No- Im NOT a murderer or anything)
Dean Theyn
Dean Theyn Pred 2 meseci
I have been inspired
My Phan
My Phan Pred 2 urami
it is so cool
MARZOKIL Pred 19 urami
Which shaders or texture do u have tell me the name of shaders or texture pls
dream gaming 2.0
dream gaming 2.0 Pred 2 dnevi
Keep it up
Diana Davidson
Diana Davidson Pred 3 dnevi
Remember when 2021 was a new year and now its almost 2022
Malen Ledesma
Malen Ledesma Pred 4 dnevi
I would make no hollow to
Minnah Fathima
Minnah Fathima Pred 4 dnevi
Build A shulker farm
Design With Nina G
Design With Nina G Pred 5 dnevi
We need a real time video of you adding melons to the farm.
Starr Graddy
Starr Graddy Pred 5 dnevi
At around 8:30 in it felt like skyblock. Good job.
Joieee FN
Joieee FN Pred 6 dnevi
at the end im not the best builder me still figuering out how to build a jack
Legacy 3053
Legacy 3053 Pred 6 dnevi
Fortnite nostalgia from chapter 1
BanonHD Pred 8 dnevi
this man doesn't give up
k!nder_editz_ Pred 8 dnevi
Why you should fill the inside: 1. Use dirt 2. Mobs will spawn
Lampe2020 Pred 8 dnevi
10:30 You could also have used those creepers to hollow out the crater underneath the floating island...
Sam Anderson
Sam Anderson Pred 8 dnevi
Wait.. what’s the blue thing?
Dexter Medina
Dexter Medina Pred 8 dnevi
Lonely Dreagon
Lonely Dreagon Pred 8 dnevi
U played to much Fortnite =/ Kevin is back XD
Icey Pred 9 dnevi
when your too addicted to one piece:
andrew joseph cabili
andrew joseph cabili Pred 9 dnevi
Wadzee should put ores on the st stone but the island is still cool
sourav samant
sourav samant Pred 10 dnevi
why didnt you use tnt it would be more authentic and easier and HELL LOT OF FUN
Usairim Pred 11 dnevi
Physics Rules RIPPPED
Rachna Lal
Rachna Lal Pred 11 dnevi
This vid is super cool i watched it 2 times
ROROCKS is a god
ROROCKS is a god Pred 11 dnevi
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes Pred 11 dnevi
Shoulda built a castle on it! Castle above the clouds? That would be so cool but it’s still good without it
Umma Berkelman
Umma Berkelman Pred 12 dnevi
Create a hollow 90 by 90 1 block thick sphere fill it with lava it will 3 lava thick at its max and caves in the both in the sky Island because those generate under ground inside of Minecraft.
rednaxprime6011 rednaxprime6011
rednaxprime6011 rednaxprime6011 Pred 12 dnevi
Ernestas Šireikis
Ernestas Šireikis Pred 13 dnevi
ayo what the wandering trader doing 12:58
Dez the king monkey
Dez the king monkey Pred 12 dnevi
Harry Connors
Harry Connors Pred 13 dnevi
Alternate title: I transformed the OVERWORLD into the OVERWORLD in Minecraft Hardcore!
Mark Peters
Mark Peters Pred 13 dnevi
I wish I was as good as u ):
Fjcooldude Pred 13 dnevi
Me too
HTDetonator Pred 13 dnevi
Man really built the loot lake floating island, lake around it and everything
Yoya 29
Yoya 29 Pred 13 dnevi
Me: *forgot what wadzee channel after being so freaking busy Also me: *remembered wah wah word Another me: *typing wah wah army Love your videos. I hope i can buy some of your merch later
Arrow Crow
Arrow Crow Pred 13 dnevi
i was sitting there while he made the river, just thinking "waterfall, waterfall, waterfall, put a waterfall" and he _did it._ so satisfying
Olive4Lunch Pred 14 dnevi
Igorincrível Pred 14 dnevi
S3K Angel Island boys
Arnav Goyal
Arnav Goyal Pred 14 dnevi
Everything u make is always so cute and beautiful
Keinaza Boss
Keinaza Boss Pred 15 dnevi
Intro song?
Erin King
Erin King Pred 16 dnevi
Build some stuff on there
Aiko Pred 18 dnevi
So cool bro, so cool. Genuinely inspiring 👍🏻
Vaishnav Mani
Vaishnav Mani Pred 18 dnevi
This build is so mind blowing
xzekuiXO Pred 19 dnevi
The first block placed -> 3:06 | The last block placed -> 18:38 | (edit) Thank me later (:
Bill cipher
Bill cipher Pred 20 dnevi
Why do you hate tall grass?
Zander Cloud
Zander Cloud Pred 21 dnevom
Wadzee: Builds chains to the island Me (a sonic fan): SONIC BOOM SONIC BOOM!!!!!!/YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
Zack Hubert
Zack Hubert Pred 21 dnevom
I personally would have a beacon beam get thru the middle
Lyn Aluzan
Lyn Aluzan Pred 22 dnevi
yo, do u use the replay mod? if u don't use it ur tour of ur builds will be a bit wonky and not smooth and it's pretty easy to use.
Moyuri's Fun Mosti
Moyuri's Fun Mosti Pred 22 dnevi
You should build your real life House. In this world
Stephanie Quon
Stephanie Quon Pred 23 dnevi
tripp long
tripp long Pred 25 dnevi
Transform the forest mansion
The Faller leader
The Faller leader Pred 25 dnevi
Can u name the music that played at 5:38
StanleyRBLX Pred 26 dnevi
King Squibbon
King Squibbon Pred 26 dnevi
chibaku tensei
Daniel Trumbore
Daniel Trumbore Pred 27 dnevi
Wadzee is goat insane Minecraft hardcore world and insane content keep it up
Not Dave
Not Dave Pred 27 dnevi
Should leave it hollow and build something secret and awesome inside it.
Kavazea Mccain
Kavazea Mccain Pred 28 dnevi
Would’ve been cool had he did a huge tree on it with the roots sticking out the bottom of the island
irakli berikashvili
irakli berikashvili Pred 28 dnevi
what version is he playing?
chrisdoesthings Pred 29 dnevi
I would actually love to see this done again, but if one of the chains had broken and the island was floating on an angle
Jammbette Pred 27 dnevi
No it would be cooler with both chains broke and it made a ravine in the ground
Brett Felsman
Brett Felsman Pred 29 dnevi
i dont know if you know this but if you use bonemeal on a flower it creates more and more flowers - i use it for beehives
Eternal Void
Eternal Void Pred 29 dnevi
ngl it looks kinda fat compared to the tip of the island.
Opečený Párok
Opečený Párok Pred mesecem
Did you know you can get bonemeal by filling a composter with kelp?
Josh A
Josh A Pred mesecem
The shaders my man
Nicola Robertson
Nicola Robertson Pred mesecem
I love it so much
Codded Stag
Codded Stag Pred mesecem
18:53 lies, u are the best builder!!!!
Teoh lexuan
Teoh lexuan Pred mesecem
How do you make the end!?
DioBrando cinematic universe
DioBrando cinematic universe Pred mesecem
Does wadzee use the snark buster theme
Christopher Armstrong
Christopher Armstrong Pred mesecem
Idea for Wadzee! I really think you should duplicate this idea, but instead have one of the chains holding the island down broken and fallen to the ground and the island floating vertical in the sky with horizontal trees and what not. That would be very cool!
Henxon Lin
Henxon Lin Pred mesecem
Louie The Mal-Shih
Louie The Mal-Shih Pred mesecem
you should add a custom cave with a mineshaft. i did it with mine and it was cool
Gameknight1006 Pred mesecem
I always fill my builds up, thats just how I work
infinity man
infinity man Pred mesecem
Add leaves to the bottom to make it look like it has vines growing on the bottom
Imran Mohammad Liaqat
Imran Mohammad Liaqat Pred mesecem
Where did water break go😐
Narayan Sk
Narayan Sk Pred mesecem
I am in the wah wah army now :D
while making the lake you forgot to add clay lol
imagine wadzee's your friend and your pc broke so you came and started playing on his pc and instead of creating a new world you accidently click on this hardcore world and come across a big chungus pile of blocks in the sky with a massive hole underneath
Dương Trần
Dương Trần Pred mesecem
Yumi Kiara
Yumi Kiara Pred mesecem
This is beautiful 😲😳😍
Kade Music
Kade Music Pred mesecem
William Boyce
William Boyce Pred mesecem
My gf doesn't enjoy the loud yelling sounds edits. Please change this or my gf will eat you when she gets hungry. Consider this a threat! (Ps. My gf likes the "wow" sound edit, keep it up)
Kay Pred mesecem
Love these builds. I would have totally left it hollowed and built inside it but that's just me. But I've been looking for vids of island making because I've been wanting to make some.
Someone Mom
Someone Mom Pred mesecem
I love u
Justjazzzin Pred mesecem
Hey, quick idea. Add some vines and leaves to make it look overgrown
haversackyoutube exe
haversackyoutube exe Pred mesecem
the wah wah army works for the villager team
pablo rios
pablo rios Pred mesecem
use TNT!
slyfoxybrazenboi Esq.
slyfoxybrazenboi Esq. Pred mesecem
Welcome to sanctaphrax.
Captain_Carson_YT Pred mesecem
I don't appreciate my minecraft builds though. Also i'm not proud of them, wether creative or survival.
Minecraft: hardcore world's are going to be deleted without a backup and the feature of hardcore will be removed Me and wah wah army: *cries in wadzee*
James Dewan
James Dewan Pred mesecem
Wadzee you should've used tnt for digging the big hole under your floating island 🏝
Random piece of purple paper
Random piece of purple paper Pred mesecem
who's more crazy- wadzee or goodtimeswithscar, tell for a free nothing.
ProAtBeingNub Pred mesecem
"i only want to waste my time, not yours" words of wisdom right there
ShiRaul Pro
ShiRaul Pro Pred mesecem
Fornite kids be like: (i play fortnite but you know what i mean) “hE coPiED tHe fOrTnItE iSLanD!!”
Sameera Noushad
Sameera Noushad Pred mesecem
If anyone see this know I have only one eye
Tank Pred mesecem
The shader made the island look epic but a whole new scale
Amoeby Dick
Amoeby Dick Pred mesecem
Imagine smelting cobblestone instead of building stone generator and using silk touch pickaxe
Shaikh Jeeshan
Shaikh Jeeshan Pred mesecem
bro instead of breaking hundred's of break one and bone meal it it will only grow flowers
Brandon Connaughton
Brandon Connaughton Pred mesecem
Mt Woe from Chrono Trigger!
NastyNinja Pred mesecem
Melissa Wallis
Melissa Wallis Pred mesecem
Do a UFO to pretend that it’s picking it up and the cables are stopping it and they’re bit coming off
Melissa Wallis
Melissa Wallis Pred mesecem
We have Fortnite and Apple and Minecraft fortnight versus Apple in Minecraft who will win Apple wins now they’re off Apple devices in where you get games
Jacob Abinante
Jacob Abinante Pred mesecem
Sick build, the only thing I would have added were some coal and iron veins in that stone like there would have been when it was on the ground
Tiger-lily Bocchino
Tiger-lily Bocchino Pred mesecem
Ok so he did all this in hardcore and I can’t even do a decent lake in creative (with the exception of when I blew up half a city worth of land using tnt.) but still THIS GUY IS AWSOME
Craniax Exotics esports
Craniax Exotics esports Pred mesecem
This is what happens when ultron comes in Minecraft, get it? 😂😂😂
Gimme500bucks Pred mesecem
Add a farm there
Gimme500bucks Pred mesecem
Which is the best part : Building or collecting
•Chocolate• •light•
•Chocolate• •light• Pred mesecem
Build the end in the nether or the nether in the end
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