I Built a Wither Skeleton FARM in Minecraft Hardcore (#39)

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In this video I built a WITHER SKELETON FARM in Minecraft Hardcore! Welcome to Episode 39 of WadZee's Hardcore Minecraft Series. Today I Built a Wither Skeleton Farm in the Nether to get INFINITE COAL, BONES & INFINITE WITHER SKELETON SKULLS. Want to find out how to build a wither skull farm in minecraft hardcore? watch the whole video to find out!

Wither Skeleton Farm Tutorial (by ShulkerCraft)
"Minecraft Wither Skeleton Farm - Over 60 Skulls Per Hour - 1.16"

Watch the Series from Episode 1:

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Dream brother
Dream brother Pred 5 minutami
In the nether
Dream brother
Dream brother Pred 5 minutami
Looks like a good shad of snow
Nick Equeall
Nick Equeall Pred 16 minutami
I wouldn't mind a wither farm like this one, i just don't get much luck in finding fortresses though except for the little ones. I still can't find the blaze 😕
Epic Boy
Epic Boy Pred 28 minutami
If you pin this comment then you are a god and no one is better than you and jokes aside you are the most hard working youtuber on the platform and you deserve a sub and like
kotta kalyan
kotta kalyan Pred uro
Who ever dislikes this video get their parents killed
Divine Pred 7 urami
why don't u destroy the whole bastion????:)
Tigertribe00 Pred 8 urami
#hardcoreidea i built the harbor bridge in Minecraft
Joshua Howden
Joshua Howden Pred 10 urami
Why not use TNT to flatten some of the difficult areas to place slabs?
Notur Business
Notur Business Pred 11 urami
Love all the effort and work you put into these farms. Just started watching these videos and already subbed. Just curious tho, would it not have been easier to take a bunch of tnt (assuming you already have a creeper farm) and destroy annoying bits of land like the bastion instead?
Ahmed Bennouna
Ahmed Bennouna Pred 14 urami
Wadzee : spawn proofs nether for 8 hours Me who found a fortress with a huge lava lake in a soul sand biome : pathetic
Ironboy32 Pred 15 urami
why not just core out the bastion instead? go to the top and tear it all down
Aadhix Gamer
Aadhix Gamer Pred 21 uro
Infinite stone sword 🤣
OmegaDelta Pred 21 uro
Should've built ianxofour's non-spawnproofing wither skeletons farm man
x x
x x Pred dnevom
I personally would have just blown the bastion down. it would have been much faster, easier and fun.
Tâm linh Nguyễn
Tâm linh Nguyễn Pred dnevom
This farm work in Minecraft PE ?
WhoIsMui? Pred dnevom
If i was you i would just mine out the entire bastion
Saitama Haruhiko
Saitama Haruhiko Pred dnevom
Now you only need a mob that drops diamonds to be added to the game and you're good to go
Liam Grant
Liam Grant Pred dnevom
8:41 My god that was so brutal XD
rathodgp rathodgp
rathodgp rathodgp Pred dnevom
Wad zee you are a super mega player also I like your videos
Ryan Sillence
Ryan Sillence Pred dnevom
I would shave blown the bastion up so there would have been little to no blocks to spawn proof
LUNITIC WILL Pred dnevom
if you haven't done anything else with this farm, put in an auto-sorter.
cj Smith
cj Smith Pred dnevom
I love accokiegod and wadzee hardcore videos that I make my own hardcore world on ps4.
Moonlight Roblox
Moonlight Roblox Pred dnevom
I like when you make farms its so fun to watch!
gauraay Pred dnevom
Jesus crist that's a really a LOT of slabs LOLOL
Maksimus Wrath
Maksimus Wrath Pred dnevom
Could just leak lava on islands instead of placing slabs maybe
MaxiKing Pred dnevom
The ads are getting out of hand youtube
Leart _Gaming
Leart _Gaming Pred dnevom
"now we need to take some dogs into the nether..." 9 Yr old me had a heart attack
Joe Brooks
Joe Brooks Pred dnevom
Imagine playing minecraft all day everyday for your whole experience of life since you were 15 ?
Leart _Gaming
Leart _Gaming Pred dnevom
Wait, couldn't he just destroy the bastion and flatten out the land? That way he wouldn't have had to endure through the pain.
S ERROR'S Pred 2 dnevi
It's like playing Minecraft as god Guys lool
S ERROR'S Pred 2 dnevi
A fortress in hand lol
ApoIsHecker Pred 2 dnevi
Go on the following site where i oubiuld wadzee cuz he sucks Lol fell for it if you read this you gotta subscribe
Q3Xy Pred 2 dnevi
u have all my respect for this farm. Its a pain in the a$$ to build it I know it from experiences! xD
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Pred 4 dnevi
Wadzee: builds a farm 6.8 million people: Interesting
Rose bud
Rose bud Pred 4 dnevi
the melons is literally an ART 😆😆😆😆😅
Simona Simion
Simona Simion Pred 4 dnevi
Janice Brazal
Janice Brazal Pred 5 dnevi
Piglin is scare of zombiefied piglin
Jace Ramer
Jace Ramer Pred 5 dnevi
/command:put cobblestone slab on every block I can possibly see
PJT 2008
PJT 2008 Pred 5 dnevi
4:29 isnt it easier to fill the area with lava and then build a bridge with slabs?
Fedja H.
Fedja H. Pred 5 dnevi
Its so painful seeing him not using a stonecutter
gamers Pred 6 dnevi
who else has been here form episode one :D
Sachin Singh
Sachin Singh Pred 6 dnevi
Imagine how his finger feels ...XDD , if i am his finger i will quit his body
Krista Hansen
Krista Hansen Pred 6 dnevi
i like checken nuggys
Promato Tomato
Promato Tomato Pred 6 dnevi
isnt the name "poglin" the name of the piglin that philza minecraft (also a great youtuber) named the piglin?
divanshu verma
divanshu verma Pred 6 dnevi
Thats wolf not dog
Nashiro Pred 6 dnevi
You: *spend all day long only to but slaps* Me: *realise how lazy I was to my minecraft hardcode map*
Arn von Salzburg
Arn von Salzburg Pred 6 dnevi
Seeing him casually flying about lava seas gives me anxiety :-D
The gaming site
The gaming site Pred 6 dnevi
It just looks like snow in NEATHER ^_^
Akotski1338 Pred 6 dnevi
The hardcore hearts look cool when you have withering
Muhammad Nawfal Khairul Azlan
Muhammad Nawfal Khairul Azlan Pred 7 dnevi
The slabs honestly looked like snow in the Nether 😂😂😂
baby gaming
baby gaming Pred 7 dnevi
He thinking how to full all area and me thinking how to get that many cobblestone
$| M@StÉr
$| M@StÉr Pred 7 dnevi
Hi I'm new supporter😁
Mai K.
Mai K. Pred 7 dnevi
Me spawnproofing: Rip out every tree thingy and cover it all in Lava flows MUAHAHAHAHA
ItsNotYummyGB — OFFICIAL Pred 7 dnevi
me realizing that i missed this one episode:
Stan Meijer
Stan Meijer Pred 7 dnevi
wadzee doesnt realize pigstep is copy right... i hope the youtube algorithim didnt see / hear pigstep !
J W Pred 7 dnevi
the slabs make it look like it snowed
tranhai rua
tranhai rua Pred 7 dnevi
you good
Некромант Сидорович
Некромант Сидорович Pred 7 dnevi
It's a bit of weird question, but... Can you just pour out lava everywhere instead of slabs?
KlaudiusL Pred 7 dnevi
fill it with lava
It's JustForFun Gaming Yt
It's JustForFun Gaming Yt Pred 7 dnevi
Infinite 🥵emerald 🤑with raid farm🥶 idk how but🥴 ✨🥵🥵🥵🥵
Game Overlord
Game Overlord Pred 8 dnevi
Why not spawnproof with lava?
just a random
just a random Pred 8 dnevi
Can we hit 5m?
Paulomiguel Velasco
Paulomiguel Velasco Pred 8 dnevi
It makes easier if u put buttons instear of slabs
V3nomGaming7 Pred dnevom
Buttons are most costly
Xxdumberanddumb GamemasterxX
Xxdumberanddumb GamemasterxX Pred 8 dnevi
Why did you just brake the bastion lol
Azdexe Gaming
Azdexe Gaming Pred 8 dnevi
Just so this does better
GoPro Strike!
GoPro Strike! Pred 8 dnevi
This sounded and looked like the longest and most painful and hardest farm ever in minecraft!!!! Cheers for WadZee 🍻 🥂
magik9637 Pred 8 dnevi
tatiana Pred 8 dnevi
Lucas Grant
Lucas Grant Pred 8 dnevi
You should make a enter dragon farm
Lauren Carter
Lauren Carter Pred 8 dnevi
SLusrs make vids like this like filling in something I be wanting to watch the whole process😭😭
Hans Pred 8 dnevi
The music gives off a hard rock Home Depot vibe
Paul Matthews
Paul Matthews Pred 8 dnevi
Bro that’s too many slabs lol I would of just dumped lava all over everything and called it a day
Leon Pred 8 dnevi
Maddie cookie King
Maddie cookie King Pred 8 dnevi
Gamerx 2k
Gamerx 2k Pred 8 dnevi
Do a collab with zetro pls
ttv-bmour3 xbox-Zexyshot1146
ttv-bmour3 xbox-Zexyshot1146 Pred 8 dnevi
I love the fact that the melon farm is one of the biggest things
Ashnich Pred 9 dnevi
I love ur vids im ur fan! 👉👈
_xACE_bg Pred 9 dnevi
U make an slab hills
varalakshmi.diddi lakshmi
varalakshmi.diddi lakshmi Pred 9 dnevi
Yamcha Pred 9 dnevi
Your work is appreciated
IchPlayzz Z
IchPlayzz Z Pred 9 dnevi
Why did you not just destroy the bastion
Mythical Films
Mythical Films Pred 9 dnevi
Derby Twerp
Derby Twerp Pred 9 dnevi
I just watched a grown man place slabs in a block game for half an hour
Toxicity Pred 9 dnevi
WadZee: I hope these wooden slabs won’t burn up Blazes: haha fireball go brrrrrr
Toxicity Pred 9 dnevi
3:35 WadZee: don’t need to make a blaze farm All the other farms: you made us insane farms so why don’t you? Me: inf blaze rods won’t be bad Blazes if this happened: help 😭
Brčko_ZKelimku Pred 9 dnevi
4:05 Jen mentovi fanoušci tuší
Keekeefoshizzlezz Pred 9 dnevi
When you realize he coulda just used a lead to get the dog to the farm instead of the landing and teleporting process
LuizeraTryHarD Pred 9 dnevi
Nice Build, Congratulations
Jp dhillon
Jp dhillon Pred 9 dnevi
answer this one question and i will sub to u: what do u play on? ex. laptop comp switch phone? reply please muhc appreciated and also 19:34 since ur places blocks with no slabs, ur putting carpet, and mobs cant spawn on carpet.
Ex0_v Pred 9 dnevi
Those slabs can feed an entire country xd
Rasmus Hansen
Rasmus Hansen Pred 9 dnevi
I had to dub for the dedication
Rasmus Hansen
Rasmus Hansen Pred 9 dnevi
JunniboiiiYT Pred 9 dnevi
isn't pig step copyrighted?
Alain Kabongo
Alain Kabongo Pred 9 dnevi
Cool and kwaai
Games dumb
Games dumb Pred 9 dnevi
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger Pred 9 dnevi
You basically have an infinite supply of melons
Rok Art
Rok Art Pred 9 dnevi
Cant u just make a farm without a fortress, im pretty sure thats a thing
xxjj- 9
xxjj- 9 Pred 9 dnevi
not in shock of the dogs since technoblade had the same or more amount of dogs
AYUSH PATEL Pred 10 dnevi
Wadzee is my favourite SLus
FroggyGirl Playz
FroggyGirl Playz Pred 10 dnevi
You are so entertaining
Felix Logenius
Felix Logenius Pred 10 dnevi
anyone remember when wither spawned wither skeletons??
V3nomGaming7 Pred dnevom
It does on bedrock edition
Olive4Lunch Pred 10 dnevi
=D great vid thx
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