I Drained an Ocean Monument in Minecraft Hardcore (#37)

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Today I am going to be Draining an Ocean Monument in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! I Drained an Ocean Monument in Minecraft and it took me about 16 hours! If you want to figure out how to drain an ocean monument in minecraft make sure to watch this video until the end!

In the next episode I'll be transforming the ocean monument, make sure to leave a comment on how I should transform it!


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Sira Andersen
Sira Andersen Pred 3 urami
I have done this befire so im too proud like i decorated the inside aswell
Erika Joyce Formigones
Erika Joyce Formigones Pred 3 urami
Wadzee: "You cant have a Wadzee video without digging sand" aCookieGod: "Theres no aCookie build without leaves"
THE HURRICANE Pred 4 urami
Gui Pred 8 urami
Anyone knows how to do the circle around the temple? I can't find it anywhere
Clay Pred 5 urami
Ask Wadzee
Florian 66
Florian 66 Pred 13 urami
A jungle biome
Clay Pred 5 urami
Earll Philip Fellizar
Earll Philip Fellizar Pred dnevom
Tutorial plsss
Earll Philip Fellizar
Earll Philip Fellizar Pred dnevom
What is the size of the circle?
Veritas et Aequitas
Veritas et Aequitas Pred dnevom
Uses tools. Pretends to do a bit by hand. Says it was all manual.
Tyler Opshinsky
Tyler Opshinsky Pred dnevom
glass dome on it
Hobo Joe69994
Hobo Joe69994 Pred dnevom
so this is how i use a sponge
Mina V
Mina V Pred dnevom
Download an auto clicker
Clay Pred 5 urami
Thomas Greig
Thomas Greig Pred 2 dnevi
Should've made it a dome
AimForgotten Pred 2 dnevi
I wish he’d make a neither version of the water monument
Mark Radlinski
Mark Radlinski Pred 2 dnevi
I bet $1000 dollars it was FUN
Kostas Fisfiris
Kostas Fisfiris Pred 3 dnevi
what if u sanded everything inside the circle, and then shove it out using torches? wouldnt it be easier?
I did this last year i know how long it toke then I blew it up I still have the world and I did the same thing again but I live in it now
Micheal Pred 4 dnevi
You could’ve made a portal to the nether to dry your sponges, might’ve been faster
Ayyyyyy Pred 5 dnevi
You should’ve put a glass roof a few blocks under the water level so it’s hidden Also it would be nice to watch the water flood the roof
dan harV
dan harV Pred 6 dnevi
Wadzee's pc: handles many rows of hundreds of sand and gravel blocks falling onto torches smoothly without lag My pc: Struggles to even play this video in 1080p
Connor Gray
Connor Gray Pred 6 dnevi
U should try to make the ground sand
Circle_Cut_Sandwich Pred 7 dnevi
Fernando Villeda
Fernando Villeda Pred 7 dnevi
You can dry sponges in the nether
Jonnie Wombaker
Jonnie Wombaker Pred 7 dnevi
Lukas Van Rompaye
Lukas Van Rompaye Pred 7 dnevi
And there werend any ghasts
BanonHD Pred 7 dnevi
episode 36 was 30 minutes long. this video is 24 minutes long, and last episode was easier to do (not like it was) and this was miles harder.
ClassicTheLine Pred 8 dnevi
I’ve done this before IT SUCKS so subscribe to him he deserves it
kitu patel
kitu patel Pred 8 dnevi
N. Bapsq N c. Hype about
BussieBoy Pred 8 dnevi
Yeah drying sponges are a lot easier in the nether but a cool feature with drying them in a furnace is you can get a water bucket while drying
ApoIsHecker Pred 8 dnevi
You know, I once built a fortress in the over world And I built a village around my nether portal (village and nether portal were in the nether)
Oofbloxcraft Pred 8 dnevi
Wadzee: Saves Panda's from extinction Also Wadzee: Drains the home of the fish and kills em
Yoel Delgado
Yoel Delgado Pred 8 dnevi
why didn't you built it in creative
V3nomGaming7 Pred 2 dnevi
What a genius idea, I never thought of it You should have said it before he started so he wouldn't have so much trouble with it
Minh Đỗ Đức
Minh Đỗ Đức Pred 8 dnevi
You should collect sponges right after you place it that it's a lot more easier than doing it without the help of water.
DannyDevitoFan 420 69
DannyDevitoFan 420 69 Pred 8 dnevi
Watching this while doing my own wadzee esc build- the music helps motivate me
KA Ts Pred 9 dnevi
Hey you should copy your world after end because you can died any second from something weird
NOTFAIZAN Pred 9 dnevi
Tip : you are pro than me I have no tip !!😄😄
xKeyro Pred 9 dnevi
You should fill the whole thing with water 💧 🥳🥳🥳🤪
Toxicity Pred 9 dnevi
200 melons per video… this man loves his melons
Toxicity Pred 9 dnevi
I respect that
What da dog doin
What da dog doin Pred 9 dnevi
Subbing because of the dedication
Inuka Ranasinghe
Inuka Ranasinghe Pred 9 dnevi
it's full of anxiety, you r a legend man
Photonic Beam
Photonic Beam Pred 9 dnevi
God damn
31 milburn Fernandes
31 milburn Fernandes Pred 9 dnevi
I am libberally higjj on bownie coolies
francois vaillancourt
francois vaillancourt Pred 9 dnevi
make a house inside.
Ayina Holm
Ayina Holm Pred 9 dnevi
If you die in your hardcore world,i will seriously cry!
Ironboy32 Pred 9 dnevi
couldn't you have automated the sand dropping with redstone while you placed sponges?
Three Sister's Tarot Reading
Three Sister's Tarot Reading Pred 10 dnevi
Can I make a totoem of undying farm plssss?... I beg youu
Three Sister's Tarot Reading
Three Sister's Tarot Reading Pred 10 dnevi
MoniniPanini Pred 10 dnevi
i would have made a portal where you had your furnaces for easy acces to the nether and faster drying out of sponges
Messizosii i3
Messizosii i3 Pred 10 dnevi
I subscribed just because the work you put in is ridiculous
John Stamm
John Stamm Pred 11 dnevi
and made it 3 months in a haf
John Stamm
John Stamm Pred 11 dnevi
and im in the 4th grade
John Stamm
John Stamm Pred 11 dnevi
first time watching you and i all ready like your channel
LéLeroy Pred 11 dnevi
Wadzee pls tell me ur secret to do the perfect circles please 🙏
Nanna Vogel
Nanna Vogel Pred 11 dnevi
Wadzee: we are going to save the turtles Also wadzee: we are going to drain the ocean! Me:.......
bee_innit Pred 12 dnevi
Ngl this guy made me drain an ocean monument THAT MADE ME WASTE 2 WEEKS ON A BLOCK GAME AND HE DID IT IN 3 DAYS THIS GUY IS A GRINDER DAMN now im in the hospital
Superpronoober Pred 12 dnevi
what abt the axolotls.
Farhan Mahruz
Farhan Mahruz Pred 13 dnevi
Farhan Mahruz
Farhan Mahruz Pred 13 dnevi
Make a sky base
Farhan Mahruz
Farhan Mahruz Pred 13 dnevi
Minecraft legend
clarence Di Maria
clarence Di Maria Pred 13 dnevi
How do you do circles like that?
Brian Baker
Brian Baker Pred 13 dnevi
Since the last three vids so far have had netherrack involved with the builds, I've taken notice of the fact that netherrack has faces on it's texture. I've just notice this since the nether update.
Pandaren Death Knight
Pandaren Death Knight Pred 13 dnevi
Back in the day my brother did this on a survival server. In a time before elytras and shulkers. It took him a month.
Gaming With Tika
Gaming With Tika Pred 14 dnevi
Rip dadza
Gingerbread 101
Gingerbread 101 Pred 14 dnevi
Gud job
Safwan Chowdhury
Safwan Chowdhury Pred 14 dnevi
Tiago Osinalde
Tiago Osinalde Pred 14 dnevi
OH NO! You killed all THA' WOH'AH!!
Oliver walker
Oliver walker Pred 14 dnevi
John Paleno
John Paleno Pred 14 dnevi
Watching this is painful because I want to do this lol
anime boy
anime boy Pred 14 dnevi
Aot wall
FribbleDibble Pred 16 dnevi
I remember making one of these Guardian Farms daily, when I used to really play minecraft non-stop
gamer gacha
gamer gacha Pred 16 dnevi
R.I.P desert begining of minecraft world to 2021 :(
Armenesia Ball
Armenesia Ball Pred 16 dnevi
copper kangaroo
copper kangaroo Pred 16 dnevi
Pls someone tell me the pattern to drain the ocean monument 😭😭
vxace GO
vxace GO Pred 17 dnevi
vxace GO
vxace GO Pred 17 dnevi
It's insane project. You are bigman. grate.
KillaMoto Pred 17 dnevi
I did this on a smaller scale. Draining is a long process for sure.
Shane Ramdath
Shane Ramdath Pred 17 dnevi
make a gardian farm watch sb737 videos for info
Hisham's World
Hisham's World Pred 17 dnevi
omg you should have used sandstone not sand😥
Babukaji Maharjan
Babukaji Maharjan Pred 17 dnevi
If he does that then it will take days not hours
RamenShaman Pred 18 dnevi
Why can't you put the sponges at the bottom so all the water just falls down as it's soaked up?
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Pred 19 dnevi
From what I saw you do at the beginning of the video it seemed like there was a way to make a pillar of sand fall to the bottom meaning you would place sand blocks a lot faster. If you cleared out all of the seaweed then you probably could have completed this job quicker than what you experienced but just a little bit slower than the nether build. Because it was much deeper than that lava pool it probably would have taken longer but since you did the lava fill the same way you did the ocean fill you might have actually finished this job much quicker.
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Pred 19 dnevi
Pi*(r^2)*h= an estimate of the amount of sand blocks you would need. If the length from the center to the outer edge was 50 and the height from sea level to the bottom is 20 and let’s just round pi to 3 you would need about 150,000 blocks of sand to completely fill this cylinder you created (if those were the measurements let’s say if the height was 10 and radius was only 25 then it would be 18,750 blocks so a seemingly minor change in numbers becomes a drastic change for the builder).
Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer Pred 19 dnevi
you should make your full body. minecraft hardcore
Unafe Raptor
Unafe Raptor Pred 19 dnevi
I drained an ocean monument on PlayStation 4 Minecraft.
Daniel Crusoe
Daniel Crusoe Pred 19 dnevi
if you put the sponges on the wall you break, you dont need to collect them afterwards
Bridget Warshong
Bridget Warshong Pred 19 dnevi
Hi wadzee im your new subscriber
Anoop Singh
Anoop Singh Pred 19 dnevi
Did you know you can put sponges in the nether and they will dry instantly
Tru Maverick
Tru Maverick Pred 20 dnevi
I dont even know who you are. But glad i watched
MiloMack Pred 20 dnevi
3 times deeper in ur mom, jk, keep up the good work
Theodore Iovanii
Theodore Iovanii Pred 20 dnevi
PhIlza also did this
luca Pred 20 dnevi
La saga de la arena nunca acaba, está bueno este manga.
Ted Dropstone
Ted Dropstone Pred 20 dnevi
I tried doing this once and got so far as completing the outer perimeter wall but didn't have the patience to section it out and drain it with sponges so I just cheated and used MCEdit. You did this right. Respect.
BiomeBandit Pred 20 dnevi
Dude, use a water bucket. The sponges won't mind...create your waterfall and swim up to clear sections of sponges.
Fedelyn Santillan
Fedelyn Santillan Pred 20 dnevi
Can u make the end into nethere
bungky yudhiyanto
bungky yudhiyanto Pred 21 dnevom
how u put water in nether?!
Erikios Pred 21 dnevom
and to think, he could have made a huge sugar cane farm and easily stacked it up, displacing all the water. Really
De'Anthony Mighty
De'Anthony Mighty Pred 21 dnevom
when he was fighting the guardians i was like : just equip wah wah sword
Aris de Kwaadsteniet
Aris de Kwaadsteniet Pred 21 dnevom
Seth Pred 21 dnevom
He could've just built another portal on the ocean monument to dry the sponges
Nozyspy Pred 21 dnevom
How the heck can you do that in 3 days. That would take me 3 months.
Newbie_gacha_ Animates
Newbie_gacha_ Animates Pred 21 dnevom
Raisinbrooke Pred 21 dnevom
Fill it with cats bro
Ry Si
Ry Si Pred 21 dnevom
Ry Si
Ry Si Pred 21 dnevom
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