I Transformed an Ocean Monument in Minecraft Hardcore (#38)

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Today I am going to be Transforming an Ocean Monument in my Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play! This is PART 2 of this project, following the previous episode, I Drained an Ocean Monument in Minecraft Hardcore!
In a week I transformed an Ocean Monument into a Jungle Biome.


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mohith chandra
mohith chandra Pred 11 minutami
i love the intro
Luis Rodriguez
Luis Rodriguez Pred 16 urami
I would love to see it with realistic shaders
force Pred dnevom
itzmesofia Pred dnevom
I joined the wha wha a RWY 10 seconds ago
Ken and drampn
Ken and drampn Pred dnevom
Very nice
AliosYT Pred dnevom
I know this would be too much work and I’m not asking for it, but just imagine if he replaced every single block in the monument.
ijustwanttobecool kids
ijustwanttobecool kids Pred dnevom
JADEN NITIN Pred 2 dnevi
Wadzee: Made a full NETHERITE BEACON. Also Wadzee: Where is my dirt I want it I want it now. 😂😂😂.
JJ Stewart
JJ Stewart Pred 2 dnevi
Please use shaders omg
GESTIA foREST Pred 2 dnevi
Russian Russian It seems to me that you are from Russia, or at least you are Russian, because only a Russian in Russia can process and extract resources from such a large area of land XD
Kendrew Pred 3 dnevi
it looks very good lol
Kendrew Pred 3 dnevi
tbh i like the mushroom idea most
Archimedes D
Archimedes D Pred 3 dnevi
Looks like a predators hunting ground. Awesome ✌
Ricky Smith
Ricky Smith Pred 3 dnevi
does anyone know who’s farm design this is? I’d like to make this in my world. I usually prefer xp farms but I have a gold farm that gives insane xp so I just want one like this that I can afk at
Thanvanth 6-d
Thanvanth 6-d Pred 4 dnevi
I dare you to change end into nether
Tidders 88
Tidders 88 Pred 4 dnevi
Top word of this series : ‘tedious ‘ 😂
Alessio Maffezzoli
Alessio Maffezzoli Pred 4 dnevi
A cool idea for me Is to build an International tube railway System which interconnects all the farms, collects the items periodically and bring them directly in your house... It would be awesome, Just Imagine the tube under the Sea with glass.....
Time Machine
Time Machine Pred 4 dnevi
When you put dirt and grass on ground what do you do to broken base blocks
Lawrence Jensen
Lawrence Jensen Pred 5 dnevi
i did this with a pretty much full intact ship. its a pretty fun little base and the traders that spawn in the water have basically turned it into a lama sanctuary.
Chusky Fam
Chusky Fam Pred 6 dnevi
He is basically the next philza
gamerzl Pred 6 dnevi
2:21 song name please
frog .-.
frog .-. Pred 6 dnevi
Love this vid ❤️❤️❤️❤️ keep up the good work!❤️❤️
Achille Roux
Achille Roux Pred 6 dnevi
Philza Minecraft anyone? He did this lol
Finn Neill
Finn Neill Pred 7 dnevi
does anyone know if the guardian farm works on bedrock??
James  Bond
James Bond Pred 7 dnevi
He does all this for us😁😁😇😇😇
Suleman Khan
Suleman Khan Pred 7 dnevi
I only watch him bcz of his insane vids in hardcore ❤️❤️🔥🔥
Suleman Khan
Suleman Khan Pred 7 dnevi
titrocco Pred 7 dnevi
Can you add a beacon on the top of the monument. I think it can be very cool
Mariyam Isneen
Mariyam Isneen Pred 7 dnevi
Mariyam Isneen
Mariyam Isneen Pred 7 dnevi
Mariyam Isneen
Mariyam Isneen Pred 7 dnevi
Avaded Pred 7 dnevi
Didn’t he get a silk touch villager for 1 emerald
Sniper monke
Sniper monke Pred 7 dnevi
You copied philzaminecraft
SuperBoyGamer Pred 8 dnevi
Your world could vs ph1lza's
Ryanpro2113 Pred 8 dnevi
Me : I Make The Guardian Farm 1000 Times Wadzee: I Have Never Done This
GoPro Strike!
GoPro Strike! Pred 8 dnevi
Where do you get all the fireworks from? Curious
Yining Chen
Yining Chen Pred 8 dnevi
People who join the surver: what how
Ben&Ethan Wright
Ben&Ethan Wright Pred 8 dnevi
"I don't wanna use torches anywhere in this" *Three seconds later* "So I think I'm gonna add some like, jungle tiki torches"
Surfalina Cookie
Surfalina Cookie Pred 8 dnevi
Do you know what would’ve been like really really cool if you made like a brand new society kind of thing and then each episode you would remove something like a few blocks or something like that
MontyMantis Pred 8 dnevi
Are you using the wings for storage?
Snake Pit
Snake Pit Pred 9 dnevi
am i watching philza?
Joel Norén Krutrök
Joel Norén Krutrök Pred 9 dnevi
Like you cannel vary Much
Ironboy32 Pred 9 dnevi
would make sense to automate prismarine transport back to your base with some minecart rails and a minecart chest also there's an infinite dirt farm here, that also produces cobble, fuel, and pigmen loot slus.info/name/video/l6SehXrJqLCtiLY.html
JoyRoyce Gaming
JoyRoyce Gaming Pred 9 dnevi
Bro are you an architect
Parker Lewis
Parker Lewis Pred 9 dnevi
i would not have the patience
My little life Show
My little life Show Pred 9 dnevi
Sooooooo cooooooool
Connor Edmondson
Connor Edmondson Pred 9 dnevi
Wadzee Always does thing we are too lazy to do
Ophelia Johnson
Ophelia Johnson Pred 10 dnevi
big boi
Messizosii i3
Messizosii i3 Pred 10 dnevi
Wah wah
Samuel Meindl
Samuel Meindl Pred 10 dnevi
This ocean monument looks like it is corroding.
Sun Flower
Sun Flower Pred 10 dnevi
When in doubt leaf it 😌
Baron Zarsata
Baron Zarsata Pred 11 dnevi
can you do the end to the over world and jungle in the over world and not find one and jungle in the end and over world in the end and nether in the end and just every think
Hamish Lloyd
Hamish Lloyd Pred 11 dnevi
youtube be like: "It’s... beautiful 😍🥲"
RAGHAV REDDY Pred 11 dnevi
The colour of prisamarine keeps changing
Luis Manuel Ambrad
Luis Manuel Ambrad Pred 12 dnevi
Wadzee:why do you vote for this Me:then why you put in the vote?
Adalyn Rose
Adalyn Rose Pred 12 dnevi
U should replace the sea lanterns with glow stone
Sachina Hobo
Sachina Hobo Pred 12 dnevi
I am truly moved by this video
7Days Pred 12 dnevi
So thats what i call a abandoned monument
Itz_dogzz Pred 13 dnevi
Those designs looks so good
Cerbex Pred 13 dnevi
Amazing build
Gaming With Tika
Gaming With Tika Pred 13 dnevi
Idea: maybe instead of just melons also plant some melon (and other) seeds and let them grow just to help it look more natural and overgrown? I think it's be cool just to have random wheat and other plants growing around. And you can hide the water underground so that the plants can grow but there it's just random water everywhere :3
offline noobie YT
offline noobie YT Pred 14 dnevi
Wadzee the full beacon is around y-320 blocks
Grant Kress
Grant Kress Pred 14 dnevi
Skyed🎃 Pred 14 dnevi
the 4k pepole that disliked just got caught in 4k ngl
Just Some Girl without a Mustache
Just Some Girl without a Mustache Pred 15 dnevi
"ooooo yehhh" 27:06
gamer gacha
gamer gacha Pred 16 dnevi
WadZee's food is watermelon :D
Armenesia Ball
Armenesia Ball Pred 16 dnevi
19:02 yes.,
Armenesia Ball
Armenesia Ball Pred 16 dnevi
Armenesia Ball
Armenesia Ball Pred 16 dnevi
Armenesia Ball
Armenesia Ball Pred 16 dnevi
Armenesia Ball
Armenesia Ball Pred 16 dnevi
23 sec wow btm
bozzieboo Pred 16 dnevi
Oh my god i can't belive so much effort shrink in 30 minutes video keep it up
teh_er1k Pred 16 dnevi
This game intrigues me so much, every time I stumble across videos like that. Great job, mate!
LilSuperFastYo Pred 17 dnevi
22:45 Thats what she said
Roxana Arroyo
Roxana Arroyo Pred 17 dnevi
I just found ur channel... Dope ass build!!! would've love to see this as the nether as well
GoodTripsOnly Pred 17 dnevi
Are you doing and did your melon form this sold I don’t watch the whole video
Mr Chills
Mr Chills Pred 17 dnevi
cook and eat all that cod boi :)
Vianney Hugotte
Vianney Hugotte Pred 18 dnevi
First time here, and i really appreciate what you've done :p
Jon Doe
Jon Doe Pred 19 dnevi
You should have made it into a terrarium and it would be just like Atlantis except in a GLASS DOME!! 😱🙂
Fabio R.D.S.123
Fabio R.D.S.123 Pred 19 dnevi
It's incredible!
💀Skëltøñ_Ålphâ🐺 Pred 19 dnevi
Nice bro 👏🏼👌🏼👍🏼
Andrej Walilko
Andrej Walilko Pred 19 dnevi
missed out on adding a sorting system to the sideroom :(
Mike Misbach
Mike Misbach Pred 20 dnevi
Water feature/Waterfall!
Sky Sage
Sky Sage Pred 20 dnevi
kagdra omen
kagdra omen Pred 21 dnevom
Gotta poke a couple holes in the glass let some water fall through and put some bricks around it make it look like a temple of doom skull or something.
Dharsan Balamurhu
Dharsan Balamurhu Pred 21 dnevom
My man use da prismarine to build another big ocean monument
MyReligionIs2DoGood Pred 21 dnevom
One of your best works imho. Looks amazing, and natural. Gives me Indiana Jones vibes just looking at it. Well done!
samuel jucar
samuel jucar Pred 21 dnevom
i rate your build 10/10
D J Burroughs
D J Burroughs Pred 21 dnevom
Idk why, but you remind me of Dani
Avjot Singh
Avjot Singh Pred 22 dnevi
Put a beacon on top
Garotheon Pred 22 dnevi
AD Reno
AD Reno Pred 22 dnevi
If you're disliking wadzee's videos comment a good reason for it
Jan Nijkamp
Jan Nijkamp Pred 22 dnevi
Wadzee Needs to make Atlantis
Krushak69 Pred 22 dnevi
think i would connect the temple to the main land (23:30) to an underwater glass tube
Dying Rosebud
Dying Rosebud Pred 23 dnevi
okay but the temple looks like it has some sort of vitiligo- and I love it lol
Bob the builder
Bob the builder Pred 23 dnevi
I tried and I couldn't even do 5 mins
Uh Pred 24 dnevi
It looks like something someone else would build I can’t spell the same His name is philza
Cruisin with SeaSide
Cruisin with SeaSide Pred 24 dnevi
I did something similar a year ago and like you I had no idea what to do with the space. I turned one into a base and filled the outside with water but I like the jungle idea. But that means I have to remove the water again... LoL...
Lawrence J
Lawrence J Pred 24 dnevi
Your build’s are soooooo amazing
Schornou Pred 24 dnevi
a lava watterfall next to a normal one out of the top of the building would look awesome
Marion Pred 24 dnevi
I subbed after the netherite beacon
Joy Rose
Joy Rose Pred 24 dnevi
When you're confused about which Minecraft SLusr it is: 1:33 Ohhhhhh ! it's the melon guy !
Miko Abing
Miko Abing Pred 25 dnevi
Wow 🤩
Agashebuzz Pred 25 dnevi
Just ran cross these videos. They're awesome!! Makes me think of Bioshock!
Santisima Pred 26 dnevi
Make a end area or nether area in the overworld
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