Minecraft, but Eating Gives You Random Potion Effects

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Minecraft but Every Time you Eat you get a Random Potion Effect! In this video I try Beating Minecraft, but food gives you random potion effects. This could be anything from, levitation, fire resistance, speed, poison and even instant death! This is the Minecraft Random Potion Effects Challenge!

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Ethan Garcia
Ethan Garcia Pred 5 dnevi
Does not know potion affects next dies
PIKStudio Animation
PIKStudio Animation Pred 5 dnevi
At the beggining of the video, I wondered why he didn't have a full netherite beacon yet?
Hafiz Irfan
Hafiz Irfan Pred 10 dnevi
Well if i were you i will make a lot of buckets and fill it with milk in case i get a super bad effect
Lê Thu Trang
Lê Thu Trang Pred 11 dnevi
If I khow about the luck 🍀 effect is will let you lucky when you go to fish 🎣 maybe when i tried is didn’t work :(
Sus dawg
Sus dawg Pred 12 dnevi
luck increases the chance of good loot in randomized chests
Alaa Akaad
Alaa Akaad Pred 12 dnevi
R.I.P old ores 😕😔
ya da boys ladz
ya da boys ladz Pred 13 dnevi
U don’t sound different from the new mic 🎙 u sound exactly like ur self ✨a 🍀✨
adrian horvath
adrian horvath Pred 19 dnevi
when wadzee was talking about the pigs and cows die it turned kinda dark
Xandro Argosino
Xandro Argosino Pred 20 dnevi
im already triggered bc he wasnt stacking his bread
The Face of Bobby
The Face of Bobby Pred 20 dnevi
Took me three days to find a portal room once
linx Pred 23 dnevi
powder snow buckets r like water buckets but u can use it in the nether
Smily Pred 23 dnevi
Imagine eating pufferfish and not getting the bad effects instead getting strenght 2 healing 2 and jump boots 3 and wadzee luck gives bigger chance to get good stuff from a chest like diamonds
Leo Mc
Leo Mc Pred 29 dnevi
Minecraft but food be sus tho.
tavi Pred mesecem
technoblade was hurt watching this video.
Diamond Zach
Diamond Zach Pred mesecem
I think he cheated with his shield bc in the nether it was about to brake then it gained durability
Isaac Igusa
Isaac Igusa Pred mesecem
see the average man not teleporting Wadzee:are you drunk?
Paolo Minucci
Paolo Minucci Pred mesecem
Hi. I've got a question about the cave pert at the beginning. Why in every video of literally every youtuber when they go in cave, the cave is fully lighted like it was morning without torches? I am not criticising you, but I really want an answer
I Like Among Us
I Like Among Us Pred mesecem
Fun fact: the luck effect is a very old and its uses was removed, making it useless
CODER MAN Pred mesecem
Asheesh Gupta
Asheesh Gupta Pred mesecem
1:55 what? there is a flower in a cave interesting i think above is a flower biom
Louay Hakmaoui
Louay Hakmaoui Pred mesecem
He was doing doing so good that the skeletons and piglins decided to stop him by hacking
CuteWhale Pred mesecem
13:03 his shield repare itself?
CxndyEvxlyn Pred mesecem
Now you see blindness does actually not look like that at all actually everything is just blurry
: not your friendly neighbor ·
: not your friendly neighbor · Pred mesecem
Hey im hungry *eats* Gets hunger 100
Toast Pred mesecem
wadzee u only had 7 eyes of ender
Maks Zalewski
Maks Zalewski Pred mesecem
He used The Secret Joestar Technique in nether
Trever Bork
Trever Bork Pred mesecem
*3:23* Literally like when you’re chasing a spider in you Room And it goes away...
aldiinfinity Pred mesecem
Challenge Complete! A Balanced Diet
Takagi Ichiro
Takagi Ichiro Pred mesecem
What about eating only gives bad potion effects
J's Revenge Fortnite
J's Revenge Fortnite Pred mesecem
He could have used a water bottle
Perzyq Pred mesecem
4:28 [*] sheep
Mr Brest
Mr Brest Pred mesecem
4:29 R.I.P sheep
Ricky Smith
Ricky Smith Pred mesecem
it's actually insane how you spawned inside of a dungeon going back to the overworld
Lucie the Wolf
Lucie the Wolf Pred 2 meseci
Mc, but shifting is op?
Miss Pat Van Driver Lady
Miss Pat Van Driver Lady Pred 2 meseci
Just can't hit those twisting vines, can he?
Ahmad Abdullah
Ahmad Abdullah Pred 2 meseci
U did miss the first time in ur life 😔whyyyyy
Moira Snodgrass
Moira Snodgrass Pred 2 meseci
I'm in the wa wa army
Ghost McDonalds Employee
Ghost McDonalds Employee Pred 2 meseci
Casually gets how did we get here from a stack of bread
Jagdish Prasad
Jagdish Prasad Pred 2 meseci
Title: Eating gives you random potion effect Also wadzee gets hero of the village effect
Phoenix Gold
Phoenix Gold Pred 2 meseci
WadZee, you are my man, but why can I hear shulker sounds at 12:53 when you are in the nether? I don't want to believe it. Can someone explain?
Calvin Krothe
Calvin Krothe Pred 2 meseci
Lol hé actually got luck
that_one_guy Pred 2 meseci
"minecraft but the mobs can hack"
Utisht Sammrat
Utisht Sammrat Pred 2 meseci
5:26 is so funny
U_R_AMAZING😉😉 Pred 2 meseci
Imagine eating beetroot in this u can get 20 effects at the same time
Criisryy games
Criisryy games Pred 2 meseci
I really need to finish that house is the end pls
celyn creed
celyn creed Pred 2 meseci
WadZee gets bad luck and then dies to magic Makes sense
Cloud Angel
Cloud Angel Pred 2 meseci
he had a bucket... and was surrounded by cows...
Srikanth R Jois
Srikanth R Jois Pred 2 meseci
*hi* -hi- _hi_
Viktor Stokic
Viktor Stokic Pred 2 meseci
7:30 that sound when it died was way to good
sharky gaming
sharky gaming Pred 2 meseci
20:02 right until the end (demension) lol
Hallo 12353
Hallo 12353 Pred 2 meseci
Random Person
Random Person Pred 2 meseci
I’m in the wah wah army
SreeniNikhil Playz
SreeniNikhil Playz Pred 2 meseci
What if the instant death was Avada Kedavra in Harry Potter. I do watch both minecraft and Harry Potter. No hate comments.
LVT Thibault
LVT Thibault Pred 2 meseci
Your edits are godly! :O
✨Lemon_sparkle✨ Pred 2 meseci
And that’s y, students, u hold on to a milk bucket
sOmEnAmElEsS Pred 2 meseci
0:03 “im real hungry” but hes at almost full hunger
Theresa .Y
Theresa .Y Pred 2 meseci
Luck effect is only for fishing
Robert Turtoi
Robert Turtoi Pred 2 meseci
How could u let the trees floating!?
Jaiden Kim
Jaiden Kim Pred 3 meseci
Wadzee looks at the ruined portal, "Do you see what I see?" What I sees, A portal to the underwold What Wadzee sees, 2 free gold blocks
Yeet Man
Yeet Man Pred 3 meseci
Wadzee: Bad luck that doesn't do anything bad luck: 8:50
SnowSw1pe Pred 3 meseci
Bienvenue à Jurassic world
Bienvenue à Jurassic world Pred 3 meseci
POV : you eat golden apple and you get poison
Stolpen JR
Stolpen JR Pred 3 meseci
Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks!
Tips, Tricks and Game Hacks! Pred 3 meseci
When WadZee got blindness I thought an arrow would come out of nowhere (from a skeleton) LOL
Saimo Pred 3 meseci
Wadzee, I love your videos :D
Kevin Prajapati
Kevin Prajapati Pred 3 meseci
Alititanium Pred 3 meseci
minecraft riddle: when you find me i could kill you, or i can save you, but when you make me, the choice is yours
rod of discord
rod of discord Pred 3 meseci
Alternative title: minecraft but everything is suspicios soup Edit: amogus
Sensei 3645
Sensei 3645 Pred 26 dnevi
Mr Cookie 🍪
Mr Cookie 🍪 Pred mesecem
Everything isn’t sus soup. I mean the blocks…
PLAGUE Pred mesecem
Super soup
_i Pred mesecem
sustainable soup
Thecreeper8211 Pred mesecem
No sus stew is not random different flower have different effects
MUFFIN GAMING 2.0 Pred 3 meseci
Wadzee: beating minecraft with random effects Me: not even able to beat minecraft on its own
Crazy Phani
Crazy Phani Pred 3 meseci
how to see potion effects Java edition
Madhav Vyas
Madhav Vyas Pred 3 meseci
Whem he says dig dig it sounds.something like di**
{#ŁØÑER GÅÑG#} Pred 3 meseci
Bro that’s the most Aussie thing ever 16:06 “Hello are you drunk!” & 16:46 “Oh no drunk bridging” Me irl: *weezing* 😂
Bean Pred 15 dnevi
Shoichii _san
Shoichii _san Pred 3 meseci
Name of song pls 2:00
Aaron Bradford
Aaron Bradford Pred 3 meseci
1:36 indeed you are the main character
Amiryo Gaming
Amiryo Gaming Pred 3 meseci
“Bad luck doesn’t do anything” instantly dies
Jose Lara
Jose Lara Pred 3 meseci
Guys Jesus died for you and by His grace we are saved from eternal death but only if you accept His free gift of salvation pls turn to Him
bitterblue ಠ_ಠ
bitterblue ಠ_ಠ Pred 3 meseci
“I’m the main character” me every time I see my reflection
Exilerq Pred 3 meseci
“Are you drunk?” -Wadzee 2021
fernandin_fdm Pred 3 meseci
im watching this video while eating
Candy Galaxy
Candy Galaxy Pred 3 meseci
Please do a shock stream! (When you take damage you get shocked). Re-comment and like so Wadzee sees this!!!
Alex Warski
Alex Warski Pred 3 meseci
Alternative title Minecraft but I don’t eat
Max Blazing
Max Blazing Pred 3 meseci
You should have gotten milk buckets
Jungmin Park
Jungmin Park Pred 3 meseci
Wadzee went FULL TapL intro
Jimmy4789_YT Pred 3 meseci
do this in hardcore...
SelecioGummyBeeGuy Pred 3 meseci
New death message: WadZee was shot by air
hibara houdani
hibara houdani Pred 3 meseci
kareem amin
kareem amin Pred 3 meseci
me hearing the endermen at 16:09: thats some great music
F r u i t   k i d
F r u i t k i d Pred 3 meseci
Bruh at 1:55 there’s a flower in dem cave
Vedant Maheshwari
Vedant Maheshwari Pred 3 meseci
You can DRINK milk of cow also ....I guess it will work
Dania Shama
Dania Shama Pred 3 meseci
Wadzee: Maybe I'm just horrible at minecraft. All men do is lie...
Atharv Thakare
Atharv Thakare Pred 3 meseci
why didn't you take milk bucket .
tiky Pred 3 meseci
Imagine eating a notch apple
Sinnavappu Mohamed yusubudeen hashim (Victoriasch)
Sinnavappu Mohamed yusubudeen hashim (Victoriasch) Pred 3 meseci
imagine if u use this mod to eat random food and get the achievement how did we get here
Madzilaverse Pred 3 meseci
The fact that he just ditched the lapis in the beginning-
Veg Roast
Veg Roast Pred 3 meseci
Name wm wad and zee
Green Owl
Green Owl Pred 4 meseci
I think the mic sounds the same, not in a bad, just that I’m fine with it🙂
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh Pred 4 meseci
Hi wadzee... Am you big fan form India please beat the game without touching grass block... But you can touch dirt and other blocks please make video on it...❣️👌👌
Sandeep Singh
Sandeep Singh Pred 4 meseci
Hi wadzee... Am you big fan form India please beat the game without touching grass block... But you can touch dirt and other blocks please make video on it...❣️👌👌
ToriTheTor Pred 4 meseci
Hehe. Bread. Bread is Pain. Pain is Brwad (Pain = Bread in French)
ToriTheTor Pred 4 meseci
Bread *
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