Minecraft but I Transform Into EVERY Mob I Kill

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Minecraft But I Play as EVERY Mob I Kill, and I always have to play as the last mob I killed. Today I tried Beating Minecraft Using the Morph Mod, a mod that lets allows Playing as ANY Mob in Minecraft! Will I be able to beat Minecraft but I transform into every mob I kill? Watch the whole video to find out!

Minecraft Identity Mod Download:

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WadZee Pred 9 meseci
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IDontKnowWhatToPutHereLol Pred 7 dnevi
Nicolette Reddy
Nicolette Reddy Pred 14 dnevi
Yaas the wah wah army
Ozzy’s Cool Videos
Ozzy’s Cool Videos Pred mesecem
What’s the mod called
Dream champion
Dream champion Pred 2 meseci
i promise to tell my friends to subscribe to U because i want them to be in the wah wah army
🖤paige games 🤍
🖤paige games 🤍 Pred 2 meseci
I told 15 friends because I can’t be able to talk to them because of crona -w-
yasmin yusof
yasmin yusof Pred dnevom
Iron golem dont take any damage (no fall damage)
TheWitherDestructor OwO
TheWitherDestructor OwO Pred 3 dnevi
Dadle a la X para transformarce
IronCobra94 Pred 5 dnevi
horse on horse.... thats a little... rated r doncha think? 😀
Adene  Lane
Adene Lane Pred 6 dnevi
I love it
shiji jayaprakash
shiji jayaprakash Pred 6 dnevi
You should be a wither
duoxia shao
duoxia shao Pred 7 dnevi
Kei Karuizawa
Kei Karuizawa Pred 12 dnevi
why is there a pillar of obsidian?
Collie Pies
Collie Pies Pred 13 dnevi
The only thing I can think of is Gravity Falls
mansehaj singh
mansehaj singh Pred 14 dnevi
how to download this
Gacha Anna OwO
Gacha Anna OwO Pred 14 dnevi
the fact he fought the ender dragon in third person is so mildly uncomfortable yet so satisfying at the same time
Manu Chauhan
Manu Chauhan Pred 14 dnevi
14:26 [CREEPER]-Whats's up buddy ! How's going
Ghada. Ghallab 82
Ghada. Ghallab 82 Pred 15 dnevi
When any one speed run lava pit not today! 😝😎 When anyone don't speadrun lava pit maybe it's today😂😁😏
Just a kid
Just a kid Pred 16 dnevi
Minecraft but MARIO ODYSSEY
Giseline Ellenora Hartono
Giseline Ellenora Hartono Pred 17 dnevi
How do u do dat!?
rahim hossen zade
rahim hossen zade Pred 20 dnevi
2:35 among us there is 1 impostors among us
tigrrr Pred 21 dnevom
Haha, now axolotl fans will have to kill axolotls to become axolotls now they have no option than kill overated species WasZee you're a genius.
Tania mara gomes Gomes
Tania mara gomes Gomes Pred 5 dnevi
I dint kwon living creatures that exits in real life and also with feeling could be overrated
Emily Palmer
Emily Palmer Pred 23 dnevi
What MOD is it
Killerhunter Yashok Darshaan
Killerhunter Yashok Darshaan Pred 23 dnevi
8:16 nani
HunterCool22 Pred 24 dnevi
You should’ve tried testing to see if you could shoot fireballs as a blaze
Japa Koko
Japa Koko Pred 24 dnevi
Dark.shadows Dark
Dark.shadows Dark Pred 26 dnevi
Identity Theft
RascaT Pred 26 dnevi
Have anyone noticed that Wadzee doesn't has enough pearls but still activates the portal
The strange guy elijah
The strange guy elijah Pred 28 dnevi
Iron golems can’t die by fall damage
A.R. Torres
A.R. Torres Pred 29 dnevi
0:00 Loki in the comics be like
sam Pred mesecem
Uhh why there a floating grass?
KING SATORU Pred mesecem
What mode is that can i know plsss😞
King Kong
King Kong Pred mesecem
"wow they really don't hate me anymore" Me meeting my old friends be like
Maximus Pred mesecem
Minecraft: advertiser friendly content Wadzee: 0:08
Desert Eagle Gaming
Desert Eagle Gaming Pred mesecem
David schoonveld schoonveld
David schoonveld schoonveld Pred mesecem
l don't know l'll subscibe l guess lol
AkelaTheWolfYT Pred mesecem
Piglins are like villagers in the nether
BM Music
BM Music Pred mesecem
Imagine a horse on a mountain mining coal😈
Noeraan Daries
Noeraan Daries Pred mesecem
Will ya quit horsin arond
Doge dog
Doge dog Pred mesecem
Wah wah
Layaan.m Pred mesecem
Iron golem does not take fall damage
Own_Guy Pred mesecem
When u were the first iron golem u said “so this is how it feels to be 6 foot tall” but that isn’t that rare right? I am 14 and 6,4 foot tall. How tall are u guys?
Minecraft gaming duo
Minecraft gaming duo Pred mesecem
Shanghai the mod called and how do you get it
Saad pangansayan
Saad pangansayan Pred mesecem
JEBBLOX Pred mesecem
5:40 That’s not what I wanna see on a Monday morning. :|
emily kate
emily kate Pred mesecem
im subcrubed
TheWitherDestructor OwO
TheWitherDestructor OwO Pred mesecem
Como cambias de persona a mob a que boton le das?
Ol Bb
Ol Bb Pred mesecem
Mame of mod pls
sarkiene Pred mesecem
riding a horse while being a horse and that part looks wrong cause it look like.. I won't say it.
Aryad Rudy
Aryad Rudy Pred mesecem
in my opinion, vex is the best cause it can really go trough wall
Looping Legend
Looping Legend Pred mesecem
Horse riding a horse or did I hear that you are gonna ride a horse?!!!
Thomas Wersf
Thomas Wersf Pred mesecem
Identity mod is for fabric
☾꧁Cherry꧂☾ Pred mesecem
But, this link doesn’t work on iPad.... so I’m hopeless 😔
Berry Pred mesecem
What’s the seed?
FACTS WITH DS Pred mesecem
Please please please gimme the MOD someone
Emilio Gomez
Emilio Gomez Pred mesecem
fighting the bertha in creative be like:
Emilio Gomez
Emilio Gomez Pred mesecem
ThomasTheTiger Pred mesecem
Did anyone else see the cross in the nether waste? I’m pretty sure herobrine in the world! D:
João Pedro Cunha
João Pedro Cunha Pred mesecem
Jesus Christ said: Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew (11:28) repent of your sins because Jesus Christ is coming
Pareekchit Uprety
Pareekchit Uprety Pred mesecem
Your video's are so funny (Most of them )
Bob Cow
Bob Cow Pred mesecem
I like your videos but why did u cheat if you look close enough you can see that he didn’t have enough eyes of ender
Aleks Praza
Aleks Praza Pred mesecem
Horse riding a horse* Rule 34 artist: 😊
Harrison Wagner
Harrison Wagner Pred mesecem
What is the mod called
illusion Pred mesecem
The reason why they didnt attack u as a blaze was because they stand for blm (Blaze lives matter) scince they get killed literally every day by players
trio treek
trio treek Pred mesecem
0:07 what the f
7 Bogdan
7 Bogdan Pred mesecem
what button is to oppen
Никита Львов
Никита Львов Pred mesecem
Im 6,4 and i feel myself as an enderman lmao
Michael Fonseca
Michael Fonseca Pred mesecem
At 8:16 wadzee found god
Gabe Atiyeh
Gabe Atiyeh Pred mesecem
6:14 actually as an iron golem you're 3 blocks tall. Each block is a meter, so it would be about a 9-foot tall individual lol
Trinity Redman
Trinity Redman Pred mesecem
"Can someone please do a two-month investigation on me and how unlucky I am in this game?" You think _you're_ unlucky? You haven't seen my rotten luck.
Xinguo liu
Xinguo liu Pred mesecem
Reward : subscribeing!
Tomáš Vyčital
Tomáš Vyčital Pred mesecem
the minecraft identity theft title made me wheeze
Vanshik Gaming
Vanshik Gaming Pred mesecem
Then :wow what a magic Now:it's called morph mod
MegaCatGamer Pred mesecem
I like the fact that he mined gold in the nether for 1000 years i dont really think anybody lives 1000 :P
Venkata Lakshmi
Venkata Lakshmi Pred mesecem
Iron golem have no fall damage,lol😂😂😂🤣
JxcK_M567 - Gaming and More
JxcK_M567 - Gaming and More Pred mesecem
You didn’t take damage as an Iron Golem because they have 50 health points I’m pretty sure, so most of your hearts are hidden.
Superiffic🔥 Pred mesecem
Technically In creative killing the ender dragon because he could fly xd
The last one
The last one Pred 2 meseci
kids 9 times out of ten the blaze kills the dragon
Twin Tastic
Twin Tastic Pred 2 meseci
What is that mod!!!
Jay Pred 2 meseci
i installed the link in the description...But i dont know how the mod works...Ive been searching it through the yt and they are all clickbaits...Ive been searching for 3 days until now...Can somebody help me??
James Lynas
James Lynas Pred 2 meseci
Ender dragon morph when you kill it beacuse its a mod
Hayden Smith
Hayden Smith Pred 2 meseci
He said this is what it feels like to be a 6 foot individual well I already know
ks mobile
ks mobile Pred 2 meseci
Aarya Bharadwaj.P
Aarya Bharadwaj.P Pred 2 meseci
@4:22 u can see obsidian
Agoti Pred 2 meseci
Now this is good Minecraft content instead of thoes Minecraft school animations 🤢
Aarav Ajit Singh
Aarav Ajit Singh Pred 2 meseci
4:22 you'll see an obsidian tower..... WHY
The Sun . . .
The Sun . . . Pred 2 meseci
If you want the mod it probally is called ''Identity'' ******By the way you need fabric******
Von ph
Von ph Pred 2 meseci
How to turn
khama ghosh
khama ghosh Pred 2 meseci
Wadzee found Jesus, but in hell? 8:16
Moira Snodgrass
Moira Snodgrass Pred 2 meseci
Btw he used a elytra not creative mode
Sylvia Ji
Sylvia Ji Pred 2 meseci
13:11 I'm working on it
DevilSoul Pred 2 meseci
Lets take over youtube >:D
NUTellA! Pred 2 meseci
If you killed a fish and did it all as a fish XD
ßtSomeone ßøī
ßtSomeone ßøī Pred 2 meseci
Imagine killing a shulker and stay stuck forever
Ishmum Ibteshum
Ishmum Ibteshum Pred 2 meseci
iron golem fist is stronger then sword
Ethan Lin
Ethan Lin Pred 2 meseci
When you realise that as a blaze he could've flew to the end cities
Gurwinder Singh
Gurwinder Singh Pred 2 meseci
3:40 18+ scene 😁😂😂
Jørgen Selvik
Jørgen Selvik Pred 2 meseci
When you whas stuck in the nether as an enderman why dident you teleport
Mr. Z
Mr. Z Pred 2 meseci
I laughed when the creeper said, “hello.”
Batman Pred 2 meseci
Have you think how will he transform to Steve again
Arul Kainthola
Arul Kainthola Pred 2 meseci
So' when you will kill the dragon u will b the dragon
jayasuriya Pred 2 meseci
What happen if you kill ender dragon🐲
Andres Bang
Andres Bang Pred 2 meseci
Soooooooooo cool
??? Pred 2 meseci
What’s the mod?
Quinnly M
Quinnly M Pred 2 meseci
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